Wyndham City Takes A Stand Against Racism

Wyndham City has taken a stand against racism, creating a video featuring Council staff and members of the community.

The video has been made as part of Council’s involvement in the National Anti-Racism Strategy’s Racism-It Stops With Me campaign.

Wyndham City CEO, Kelly Grigsby, Council staff, Wyndham’s Citizen of the Year, the Young Victorian of the Year, community leaders and local school students all feature in the video, conveying a unified opposition to racism in all its forms.

Wyndham City’s Cultural Diversity Portfolio Holder, Cr Gautam Gupta, said the video was part of Council’s ongoing commitment to counter racism.

“Wyndham City has been a signatory of the National Anti-Racism Strategy since March 2014. This forms part of our Multicultural Policy and Action Plan and aims to create a culture where people are able to identify racism and have the confidence and tools to act appropriately when it does occur,” Cr Gupta said.

“This campaign is not over and by creating this new Racism-It Stops With Me video, Council is continuing to spread the message that regardless of their cultural background, ethnicity or religion, all Wyndham residents deserve to be treated equally.”

Cr Gupta said embracing cultural diversity was important in a diverse community such as Wyndham.

“Wyndham is made up of a rich tapestry of people who come from all over the world. An estimated 34 per cent of Wyndham residents were born overseas, 52 different languages are spoken throughout the municipality and we are home to the largest Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population in Melbourne’s West. This is something we should be immensely proud of,” Cr Gupta said.

“Recently we hosted the first ever Multicultural Entrepreneur Awards, which celebrated inspirational business leaders who are also recently-arrived migrants.”

“While we celebrate the positive contribution that people from diverse backgrounds make to Wyndham, it is also important to remember the difficulties that many of them face. Racism takes many forms and can occur in multiple venues. Online racism has become a major issue with the increase in popularity of social media.”

“Council’s new Racism-It Stops With Me video makes it clear that racial discrimination will not be tolerated in Wyndham’s schools, on our sporting fields, homes or anywhere else in our municipality.”

“I encourage all residents to watch the video and share it with their friends to help spread the message that racism has no place in Wyndham.”

The video will start to be shown at Village Cinema in Werribee later this year and will be featured on Wyndham City’s YouTube channel.

The video can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pdzorilqf24&feature=youtu.be

For more information visit www.wyndham.vic.gov.au or https://itstopswithme.humanrights.gov.au/.


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