Special Request

Special requests fall under the following categories:

    1. Special occasion wishes such as Birthday or Anniversary;
    2. Supporting letter for your special project or club;
    3. Letter of congrats if you or your friend/colleague has won an aware;
    4. Matters that may need to be raised on your behalf at the Ordinary Council Meetings;
    5. Referrals to State and Federal Minsters;
    6. Assistance with drafting / promoting / collecting petitions.

“As your locally elected representative, I believe it is my number one priority to assist you to be heard, for your matters to be discussed.

Sometimes ordinary measures are not adequate and our systems do not sufficiently cover to serve those needs. In those circumstances, as listed above, please contact me and I will try my best to address those concerns.

As a special service, I have included here a petition system. I will be happy to assist you drafting, formulating, collating and presenting the petition on your behalf.

Keep in touch.”

by Gautam Gupta