Local government could ‘catalyse’ delivery of local hospitals

Local government could ‘catalyse’ delivery of local hospitals

A hospital proposal for Melbourne’s west is gaining traction with a “catalyst site” concept being suggested to deal with the region’s growth.

Local Wyndham City Councillor, Acting Mayor for 2015/2016 and Chair of the Cultural Diversity portfolio Gautam Gupta, has raised for discussion the ways in which local government could help facilitate the delivery of a new hospital via a ‘catalyst site’ model.

Wyndham City Council has recently taken a huge step forward in facilitating growth and development by enabling the delivery of four business catalyst sites in the Werribee central business district.

“Now we have a successful model of developing Werribee City Centre catalyst sites, we have the opportunity to take the same ‘out of box’ thinking and apply it to the development of other essential social infrastructure such as a hospital”, said Cr Gupta.

“As a local government entity, we have the capacity to facilitate the development of land for all sorts of important community focused uses, such as multi-story apartments, a learning centre and carparks. Following the success of our involvement in the business catalyst sites, I am proposing Council now look at equally innovative ways to facilitate the use of land for much needed health infrastructure.

“Currently, one in three pregnant women travels outside Wyndham for their delivery and for any normal elective procedures. The average waiting time in our local hospital is at least 12-months, and the cost required to maintain these facilities is also increasing year after year.

“The need for health and hospital services in our region is growing rapidly as our city continues to grow. As demand for additional health care facilities rapidly outpaces supply, local government has the opportunity to step up and take a lead in helping to address this need and do what it can to help deliver the infrastructure required.”

“I’ve spoken with a number of local stakeholders and clinicians who have expressed interest in local government contributing to such infrastructure by facilitating access to suitable land and helping to effectively facilitate the planning process. Now is the time to start exploring opportunities with potential private funding, such as superannuation funds, State and Federal Government and other key stakeholders, to start delivering in the next few years”, said Cr Gupta.

For more information please visit healthywyndham.com where stakeholders will be personally discussing the plans to address the future of health in Wyndham.

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