Gautam’s one step ahead to stay connected with the community through a phone app

Gautam’s one step ahead to stay connected with the community through a phone app


With Gautam’s sincere effort to stay connected with the community, an app was developed by a group of volunteers recently.

But the Council’s Governance unit asked him to take down the app or make significant changes to the app. The reason provided was that it can create confusion and people may think it is an official Council app.

Gautam explained as follows , I will always be here to serve the community. I have never purported that this app is a Council app. I have always stated that this app is an initiative of mine as a Councillor to help solve issues in our community.

I am here to put our community first. I have tried to lobby the Council to take up this technology by embracing the “snap send solve” app and I was provided with a similar response but that time the answer was that it will generate more work for Council’s Customer Service. I believe Council is here to serve you the voter.

I have shown/shared the app concept with three Council candidates Aaron Borg, Walter Villagonzalo and Tony Hooper as they have shown interest in using technology to improve transparency and customer engagement.

As my earlier offer, I am happy to share the app with any elected official. Even if I don’t get elected I believe this app can add significant value to the residents and elected officials. I have personally received over a hundred enquiries in the past few months which residents could have done easier with this app. Council has an online reporting system which many people have reported to be cumbersome and not very user friendly.

I am now at cross-roads in considering whether to withdraw/modify or continue with the app. Modifications can be expensive as it is developed by community volunteers and they may not be available for further changes.

I am willing to offer this app to Council so they can take it and modify it to suit Council’s values.

The decision will be made based on collective feedback received here.

Kelly Grigsby Wyndham City CEO Satish Bairy……

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