Gautam Gupta

Gautam Gupta is married with two children and lives in Tarneit.

He was Acting Mayor 2015/2016 and is a healthcare professional working locally in the field of Audiology.

Gautam Gupta has been involved in and supports a wide range of community groups.

Areas of specific focus for Gautam Gupta as Councillor

  • Alignment between Council and community values
  • Boost local jobs and support local business
  • Provision of infrastructure, such as the road network and access to public transport, in accordance with local requirements including population growth
  • Health and safety of Wyndham locals

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Gautam Gupta was the representative on the following committees in Council (2012-2016)

  • Community Grants Evaluation Panel
  • Glen Orden Reserve Pavilion Redevelopment
  • Reserve Working Group
  • Uniting Care Werribee Support & Housing
  • Wyndham Community & Education Centre
  • Wyndham Tourism Association

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