A smart and quick way to report your concerns to Cr.Gautam Gupta

Having met with thousands of people during the past few years and having  listened to hundreds of issues, Gautam acknowledges that  one of the most common reason for non-reporting being lack of appropriate set-up that is easy to use and understand. Many hard-working residents find it difficult to allocate time to gather info and send it to the local Council through traditional methods.

Gautam Gupta shares his insights about the development of a new app which will help the community to launch their concerns quickly and efficiently to be addressed by the councilors.

He says, ‘ I personally believe in investing the Council allowances in maintaining a website and extensive social media presence to allow residents to communicate with elected representatives. Since past 4 years, I have a system on my website, where residents can submit queries and even request assistance with petitions.

I lacked a smart application to connect and provide an opportunity for residents, to just be able to use their handy smart phones to report an incident with minimum hassle. Now we have a solution’.

This solution is very kindly provided by Vani Bairy and Satish Bairy. In fact in one such conversation about the need to invest in newer technologies to enhance engagement, Satish offered to create the platform as his contribution to community service. It is an honour to meet such good people who work tirelessly and contibute generously to make our society better.

This app allows people to raise an issue in 4 easy steps.
Step 1, Fill your contact details i.e. name and contact email / phone number.
Step 2, Identify the issue from the drop down menu of categories and then type in your concern (optional)
Step 3, Attach a picture, video, data file or click from your camera if you feel it is needed to explain the problem
Step 4, Submit

In most cases it will take less than 3 minutes to report your concern. The incident will then be directed to appropriate department for action and response.

Additionally, there is a special section in contact page where you can simply leave your suggestion or feedback.

The application is undergoing constant review and upgrade based on your feedback. I hope in future, Municipal Association of Victoria will take this opportunity to test this app and authenticate its suitability to be rolled across the State for all Councils and Councillors.

Please check the app and let me know (preferably from within the app, if possible) of your experience. Together we can make a difference and make Wyndham stronger and fairer. #LoveWyndham

For Android OS:

For Apple OS:

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