Cr Gautam Gupta

“Cr Gautam Gupta delivered on his promises made in 2012 and that’s why I am standing with him in 2016,” Aaron Borg, Wyndham Fair Rates Committee spokesperson

Chaffey Ward Councillor, Gautam Gupta, was elected to Council in 2012. Cr Gupta has one of the highest attendance and participation record for Council meetings.

He was elected on a platform of driving down rate rises while improving transparency, governance and diversity. Having delivered on that platform he seeks re-election to continue to build a stronger, fairer Wyndham.

Before 2012, Wyndham City Council’s satisfaction rating was in Victoria’s bottom 10%; with one of the highest rate rises, high unemployment and poor infrastructure.

With a growing city, an improved and dynamic local economy, better infrastructure, more jobs and a better quality of living, the Wyndham community can now look to the future with confidence.

The tried and tested Aussie concept of ‘a fair go’ is one that Cr Gupta has lived by and incorporated into his approach to local government representation.

As Council’s Cultural Diversity Portfolio Holder, Cr Gautam Gupta has been actively involved in helping developing the Council’s new multicultural policy and action plan, “Diverse People, One Community, Our Future”, which won a state award.

He is also a healthcare professional in the field of Audiology and if re-elected healthcare will form a key part of his 2020 vision.

Cr Gupta has been involved in and supported a wide range of community groups.

Together with Fair Rates champion, Aaron Borg, Cr Gautam Gupta provides experience and energy for the residents of Wyndham City.

A stronger, fairer Wyndham