Cr Gautam Gupta

Chaffey Ward Councillor, Gautam Gupta, was elected to Council in 2012 and is serving as Wyndham’s Acting Mayor for 2015/16.

Cr Gupta is married with two children and lives in Tarneit. He is also a healthcare professional in the field of Audiology and works locally. As a member of Wyndham’s growing professionally qualified and working families Cr Gupta stood for Council because he wanted it to better reflect the changing nature of the local community.

As Council’s Cultural Diversity Portfolio Holder, Cr Gautam Gupta has been actively involved in helping developing the Council’s new multicultural policy and action plan – Diverse People, One Community, Our Future.

The tried and tested Aussie concept of ‘a fair go’ is one that Cr Gupta has lived by and incorporated into his approach to local government representation.

Cr Gupta grew up Hindu and was educated at a Catholic school. His children attend a Lutheran school. He believes that ‘everyone has culture and is unique’ and his role is to ensure that Council services reflect the unity in diversity. He urges Australians to celebrate a full range of cultural festivals. He is also an advocate for the new community engagement strategy which has seen the Council adopt popular initiatives such as Get Wyndham Moving.

Cr Gupta has been involved in and supported a wide range of community groups.

A stronger, fairer Wyndham

Gautam Gupta - Chaffey Ward